Why Study In New Zealand

Education System

New Zealand Educational System is based on British based education and the degrees are recognized around the globe. The studies are research based and up-to-date. The Education system is centrally managed by New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA). NZQA goes so far as to checking each and every course, program, and certificate for quality so that they can be recognized around the world as high-quality education. So you can easily say that you will get a high quality education which you deserve at a very affordable cost. It has very low tuition fee as compared to other countries.


Nothing can get better than the weather in New Zealand. The winters are mild, with temperatures around 10ºC (50ºF) and slightly wet. In higher altitudes, you will see snow, but it’s not common in lower altitudes. In the summers, the climate is warm and dry with temperatures around 25ºC (77ºF).  So, it is a very comfortable atmosphere to study and live.

Ease Of Visa Acquisition

The visa acquisition process is incredibly simple, and unlike many other countries, you will not be rejected right away. The Visa Officer provides you an opportunity to explain your side of story. If you can explain why you’ve decided to go down there and your international studies program helps you to create a Statement of Purpose (a statement you give to the visa officer to tell them why you are coming to New Zealand to study), you will usually get a visa.

Opportunity To Work

Another advantage of studying in New Zealand is that, after the completion of your course of 12 months or more, you get an opportunity to work in New Zealand and gain international experience. Most of the Education Providers guide you to prepare your resume and cover letter as per the New Zealand standards. They also brief you about the kind of questions being asked in the Job Interview and provide tips for dressing up, greetings, behavior etc. at the time of interview.

The People

New Zealanders or Kiwis (Nickname) are some of the most amazing, loving, and welcoming people that you will ever meet. If you are a stranger, a native New Zealander is going to treat you like you are a friend. They are used to meeting new people, first because they travel a lot themselves, and also because a lot of people come to visit New Zealand as well. There are just over 4 million people who reside on the country, and it is one of the safest places to live in the world. Another cool thing about the people is that there are so many different kinds of people. For being such a small country, the diversity is greater than you see in many European countries.

English Language Requirements

For 10+2 students minimum band requirement is – Overall 5.5, not less than 5 in any module

For Bachelor students minimum band requirement is – Overall 6, not less than 5.5 in any module

For Master students minimum band requirement is – Overall 6.5, not less than 6 in any module

(PTE score is also acceptable)

Important Study Areas:

  • Cookery and Culinary Skills
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Healthcare / Nursing
  • Engineering (Information Technology / Mechanical / Civil / Electronics & Communications / Electrical / Aeronautical)
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business / Management
  • Mass Communication and Media

Important Information:

  • CAPITAL: Wellington
  • CURRENCY: New Zealand dollar ($) (NZD)
  • LANGUAGE: English and Maori
  • TIME DIFFERENCE: 7 hours 30 minutes ahead of IST

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