Why Study In Cyprus

Education System

Government policy as regards to higher education aims to fulfill the local needs for higher education and to establish Cyprus as a regional educational and research centre, a hub for international scholars and students alike. The higher education system in Cyprus is shaped by the European Higher Education Area as outlined by the Bologna Process. Higher Education in Cyprus consists of the public and private institutions of Higher Education at University and non University level.

Affordable Quality Education

Tuition fees are very much affordable which is under 3600 Euro per year for any course. Cost of living is also comparatively lesser i.e. approx 3000 to 5000 Euro per year for a student.

Comfortable Climate

Cyprus enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate with long dry summers from mid May to mid October and abundant sunshine throughout the year. Variations in temperature and rainfall are governed by altitude and, to a lesser extent, distance from the coast. The marvelous climate of the island offers endless opportunities to nature lovers.

Natural Beauty

Weather of Cyprus is gorgeous round the year and the temperature is very comfortable for study. It is also upcoming tourist destination with beautiful beaches and natural beauty. You will also be able to meet people from all over the world i.e. from Egypt, England, France etc.

English Language Requirements

Not mandatory

Important Study Areas:

  • Tourism Management
  • Hospitality
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Business and Management
  • Engineering and Technology

Important Information:

  • CAPITAL: Nicosia
  • CURRENCY: Euro (€)
  • LANGUAGE: Greek, Turkish, English is also widely spoken and main mode of instructions in universities also.
  • TIME DIFFERENCE: 3 hours 30 minutes behind IST
  • CALLING CODE: +357

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